Cooking time

Dried duck sausage

Saucisson de canard séché

Bite into our dried duck sausage and you’ll see why it’s the best Brome Lake Ducks charcuterie. Always a winning choice as a snack or at a picnic.

Made with 100% duck meat, our sausage is finely seasoned and dried using a homemade method that honours European back country traditions.

Serve with cheese and fresh crusty bread or simply with a lightly seasoned jelly. Also delicious as a pizza topping or in a grilled panini.

Our sausage is sold whole in 250 g packages and sliced in 85 g packages.


Duck, salt, dextrose, sodium erythorbate, spices, garlic powder, starter lactic acide culture, sodium nitrate, sodium nitrite

Recipe ideas

Suitable for any occasion, duck is a sure-fire hit for a quick meal, brunch or to create a sensation. And it’s always juicy!