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Why is duck responsible meat?

éleveur responsable

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When it comes to making food choices, people are more and more concerned with their environmental footprint. Did you know that when you buy our duck, you’re choosing meat that has been produced with the bird’s well-being and the environment in mind? Find out why duck is prime responsible meat.

Animal welfare

At Brome Lake Ducks, we pay special attention to our birds’ living conditions. Our facilities were built to the highest standards in the industry, with real-time monitoring of air quality and humidity so our birds are as comfortable as possible. We raise our ducks in exceptional conditions in order to offer quality products.

Our ducks are free to roam around our buildings and are raised without force-feeding, antibiotics or hormones. They eat a grain- and soy-based feed enriched with vitamins and minerals, and they have access to fresh water at all times.

The environment, a main concern

We developed very strict environmental standards at Brome Lake Ducks to reduce our ecological footprint to a minimum. We avoid food waste by using every part of the animal. Yes, even the feathers!

But our environmental initiatives don’t stop there! We are mindful of limiting travel and controlling our operations to reduce impact on the environment. We also worked on optimizing electricity consumption and created a composting site in an effort to treat our beautiful planet with utmost respect.

Duck, a healthy choice

In addition to being responsible meat, duck is a healthy choice. We benefit from incorporating it into our diet. Duck meat is low in calories (about 90 calories per 100 g of skinless duck breast vs. 200 calories for the same amount of beef tenderloin); it’s also a great source of protein and contains plenty of vitamins and minerals, including omega-3, iron, potassium and calcium. Seeing as the new Canada’s Food Guide recommends that protein foods make up a quarter of our plate, duck is definitely a smart choice on the menu! We offer over 65 different duck-based products so you can make a wide variety of recipes. There’s something for everyone!


Encouraging a local business

When you choose our duck, you’re taking economic and ecological action by encouraging a Quebec business that cares deeply about environmental and animal welfare. Local products are not only fresher, they leave a smaller environmental footprint because they require less transport. From farm to table—nothing simpler, nothing more delicious.


Next time you’re out grocery shopping, choose Brome Lake Ducks products: responsible, healthy and homegrown!

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