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Whole duck, an affordable habit!

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Whole Brome Lake duck is a must in the kitchen. The ease and simplicity of cooking duck lets you devise several mouth-watering recipes because the great thing about whole duck is that nothing is lost, nothing is created, and everything can be transformed.

Sunday is the ideal day for cooking, but especially for meal planning for the week. Isn’t it great to be able to whip up several good easy and inexpensive meals from a single piece of meat?

Once cooked and deboned, use the carcass, neck and giblets to make stock, soup or bases for tasty sauces. Here are a few suggestions of dishes you can quickly make from this beautifully tender and tasty meat:

  • Monday: Duck farfalle, arrabiata sauce
  • Tuesday: Duck and wild mushroom pizza
  • Wednesday: Crêpes bretonnes stuffed with duck, bechamel sauce
  • Thursday: Tonkinese duck soup
  • Friday: Duck quesadillas
  • Saturday: Duck vol au vent and seasonal vegetables
  • Sunday: Duck and asparagus quiche

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