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Usher in fall with comfort food

comfort food

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Some people dread this time of year, but fall always has us wanting to while away the hours in the kitchen. We love making our favourite decadent and hearty meals—braises, stews and dishes so jam‑packed full of flavour they remind us of grandma’s home cooking! Here are some of our favourite recipes to chow down on this fall.


Let it simmer!

It’s no surprise that braises and stews are popular this time of year. The extra time they spend cooking makes for incredibly tender dishes, with rich, well‑developed flavours. On a grey fall day, who wouldn’t want to braise some Tuscan duck legs [›››] or get out the slow cooker and make a whole duck [›››]? Fall’s also a good time to try out new things and put a spin on your old favourites, like this pulled duck chickpea chili [›››] or maple duck bourguignon [›››].


A mouthful of mushrooms

Mushrooms are a real fall delicacy: morels, chanterelles, oyster mushrooms, you name it! Plus, the incredible aromas of mushrooms are the perfect pairing for duck meat. After a long day at work, we’d gladly go for some cream of mushroom soup with pulled duck [›››] or forest duck stew [›››]. And this braised duck breast in a creamy mushroom sauce [›››] has everything you need to warm you up after a long hike.


Harvesting your crops

Fall is also peak harvest season. It’s so much fun to pick all of the onions, carrots, peppers and squash that you’ve been growing in your garden all summer and find creative and tasty ways to enjoy them. Some of our top suggestions include this flavourful smoked duck Panzanella [›››] featuring Brussels sprouts and spinach, this duck parmentier [›››] where butternut squash really steals the show and a duck steak over caraway‑roasted fall vegetables [›››].


Poutine—the ultimate comfort food!

How could we possibly talk about comfort food and not mention poutine, the ultimate indulgence! There are so many ways you can jazz up Quebec’s official dish or give it a fun fall twist! This root vegetable poutine with smoked duck [›››] is a great way to use some of the veggies from your garden. Also delicious are this duck meatball poutine with mushrooms [›››] and this poutine with cheesy gravy made from your favourite herbs [›››].


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