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Why is it important to score the skin of a duck breast before cooking?

Did you know that when cooking duck breast, scoring the skin before cooking is the most effective way to allow the skin to render fat during cooking? Use a sharp knife so as not to stretch the skin. Be careful not to nick the flesh. This technique maximizes tenderness, intensifies the flavour and makes the skin crispy. Duck breast is also delicious served cold in slices arranged on a bed of crisp salad or in a tabbouleh.


Why is it important to season a piece of meat before cooking?

When heated, salt melts on contact with the meat, mixes with the surface juices and becomes trapped under the crust that forms during the Maillard reaction. These juices will migrate during cooking towards the centre of the piece of meat, seasoning the entire piece. Once the piece is cooked, each mouthful will be uniformly seasoned.

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