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Guaranteed fresh delivery anywhere in Quebec thanks to our boxes specially designed to keep food fresh. Have your box delivered to your home or office, as you like!

Delivery service

  1. Orders are delivered by DICOM or another delivery company chosen by the Company. Orders will be delivered to the address confirmed in the Order Summary, regardless of the location where the order is placed.
  2. The Delivery Company will deliver the order to the address indicated by the Customer in the Order Summary, during the time slot selected at the Order Confirmation stage. The Customer undertakes to be at the place of delivery during the selected delivery period to accept the order. Otherwise, the order will be left at the front door or at a pick-up centre (depending on the location and type of residence).
  3. The Company undertakes to comply with health and hygiene regulations as well as the safe storage of the purchased products from the moment the order is received until delivery. The Customer is solely responsible for ensuring that the food is consumed, refrigerated or frozen upon receipt. Customers will not be offered any type of reimbursement or financial compensation provided the Company has fulfilled the delivery conditions.
  4. The Customer understands and accepts that, if absent at the time of delivery and if the location so permits in the reasonable opinion of the Delivery Company, the Delivery Company may leave the order at the place of delivery (e.g. outside the door). In this case, the Company shall not be held liable for any theft, vandalism or bad weather that may affect the order delivered in the Customer’s absence. The Delivery Company will not be able to leave orders at the place of delivery if it is located in a multi-unit complex or at condominiums with a common entrance or any other similar location.
  5. If the Customer is absent during delivery, and if the Delivery Company is unable to leave the order at the delivery address for any reason, the Delivery Company will send the order to a pick-up centre and will leave a notice at the delivery address. If this option is not available, the order will be returned to the Company. The Customer must then contact the Company to arrange a second delivery attempt, and the Customer must pay for these shipping and handling costs. However, if a new delivery cannot be attempted within a period that will guarantee safe storage and quality of the food products, or if the Customer cannot be available for the new delivery, the Company may dispose of these products and no refund will be issued to the Customer for the undelivered food.

Refund policy

The Customer may not in any way cancel or request reimbursement of orders placed due to the nature of the products (perishable foodstuffs), and the order production and delivery times. By accepting the Agreement, the Customer understands and accepts the final and definitive value of the products ordered and waives the right to request a cancellation or refund, unless the product received does not meet the quality standards that the Customer is entitled to expect, despite adherence to the standard delivery procedures.

Procedure for quality issues: 

The Customer shall keep the item in the condition in which it was delivered, along with its packaging, take a photo and then contact the Company. The Company will determine whether the product is eligible for exchange or refund and will make arrangements with the Customer for delivery of an equivalent product, if applicable. The Company will provide instructions on what to do with the product to be returned, if applicable, which will then be subject to quality control. The Company reserves the right to refuse to exchange any product if it has reasonable grounds to believe that the Customer is responsible for the conditions leading to the request for exchange.