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Reduce food waste: Buy whole duck

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Food waste is a growing concern in recent years, and we’re always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment. Did you know that when you buy a Brome Lake whole duck, you’re making a choice that’s good for the earth and your wallet? You better believe it! From farm to table, every part of the animal can be used, reducing waste to a minimum. Read on to learn how to get the most out of your duck (and the most bang for your buck).


Change starts with us

Reducing food waste starts with us! At Brome Lake Ducks, we are committed to minimizing waste with a few simple actions that make a big difference. Every part of the duck is used or reclaimed, from the feathers, which are sent to factories to make clothing and bedding, to duck by-products, used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and pet food. On top of that, the litter in some of our livestock barns is converted into garden mulch, and duck manure is used as a fertilizer.


All for one and one for all

No matter how you slice it, buying duck whole is a smart decision! It’s great oven-roasted [›››], grilled, or spatchcocked whole [›››], or you can butcher it at home and use the cuts in different recipes. One duck yields two breasts, two legs and two wings, which can be cooked up separately however strikes your fancy. But don’t stop there! Use the bones as a base for a nourishing broth for your soups, sauces and stews, and keep the drippings in a mason jar to liven up sautés, French fries, or even popcorn [›››]! Yum!


Duck for lunch?

Tender, juicy and oh so tasty, duck is perfect for weekday lunches. Have leftovers from last night’s dinner? Duck breasts taste great in salads [›››], sandwiches [›››] and macaroni [›››], and leftover duck legs are the perfect match for soups [›››], grilled cheese and eggs Benedict. You can even use duck legs to make rillettes [›››] that are sure to make a splash at Sunday brunch.


For a whole flock of inspiring ideas, head to our recipes section [›››]!

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