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Quick ideas for a holiday season full of WOW!

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By putting duck on your holiday season menu, you will be serving your guests a sophisticated meal that is just as flavourful as it is easy to prepare. Use it to prepare hors d’oeuvres, appetizers or your main meal, and you’ll see just how perfectly it goes with all kinds of sauces to delight your guests’ taste buds. And if you need more convincing, know that you can keep duck for two to four days in the fridge or for several months in the freezer. Get a head start on your holiday cooking!

These tips and quick ideas will help you make simple recipes that won’t fail to wow your guests.


Mouth-watering starters

Impress your guests as soon as they walk through the door with a platter of antipasti. Fill it with specialty cheeses and charcuterie, including Brome Lake Duck liver pâtés and rillettes, throw in a few croutons, olives, grapes and jams, and watch your guests’ faces light right up!

Finger foods, like chips and raw veggies, are another great idea to tide your guests over until dinner’s ready. Step up your finger food game with this popcorn with Brome Lake fat recipe!

Duck products can also go in all kinds of quick bite-size treats. For example, you could make mini duck sausage kebabs. Slice up the sausages, stick them on skewers and serve with spicy mayonnaise, onion confit or mango salsa.

Here are a few more amazing recipe ideas to start off your evening:

  Marinated duck breast skewers

  Triple duck terrine with dried figs

  Duck tapas duo

  Duck confit in cucumber boats


Putting a twist on holiday classics

When people think of holiday cooking, turkey usually comes to mind. This year, why not change things up and surprise your guests with a whole duck instead? Follow the link for a fail-proof recipe. Add an even more decadent twist and use duck fat to cook your meat. Impossible to resist!

Pot pies are another holiday classic that can be easily reinvented with duck. Don’t have the time to spend hours in the kitchen? No problem! Make your life easier with our country‑style duck pot pie—just like grandma used to make! Just pop it in the oven to heat up and you’re good to go!


Rounding up the meal

You can also use duck to make incredibly flavourful sides. Replace the traditional chicken wings with honey garlic duck drumsticks and get more meat per piece. A crowd‑pleaser, that’s for sure!

Did you know duck makes great tartare? Introduce your guests to a whole new world of textures and flavors and blow them away. Make sure to get the freshest meat possible and stay away from frozen meat. Here is a duck breast tartare recipe to please the boldest of palates.

Here are some delicious recipes for sides that will go wonderfully with your holiday meal:

  Smoked duck bundles

  Duck confit and mango spring rolls


You are now ready to entertain your guests with several delicious, hassle-free duck recipes!

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