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Rendered duck fat

gras de canard fondu

Duck fat has similar qualities to olive oil. It has a delicate flavour and is  the healthy alternative to butter, adding its distinctive, delicate flavour to all your favourite dishes.. Try it, and taste the difference!



Rendered duck fat.

Allergens : None.


Features and Benefits

  • Its nutritional properties are more similar to those of olive oil than those of animal origin fat
  • Optimal filtration process eliminates any impurities
  • Tolerates high cooking temperatures
  • Salt-free, no preservatives
  • Brings a delicate flavour to your dishes
  • Reusable up to 6 times when filtered
  • THE Canadian duck!

Raised without the use of antibiotics

Raised without the use of added hormones like other ducks in Canada

Also available : 5 kg


Recipe ideas

Suitable for any occasion, duck is a sure-fire hit for a quick meal, brunch or to create a sensation. And it’s always juicy!