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Naturally smoked and cooked boneless duck breast

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Our duck breast is seasoned with salt, brown sugar, and traditional seasonings. Made with care using both heat and natural maple smoke. The smokehouse produces a delicious hot-smoked duck breast, fully cooked and ready to serve.


Duck ● Water ● Seasoning [salt, brown sugar, spices, sodium nitrite] ● Natural smoke.

Contains no allergen.

Please always check the package for the most current information.

Features and Benefits

  • Hot smoked in a traditional way
  • Natural maple smoke
  • Serve as is or seared
  • Fully cooked
  • Allows you to set up platters of charcuterie and signature cheeses
  • Multiple uses: hors d’oeuvre, salads, pasta, omelette, sandwiches and more
  • THE canadian duck!

Raised without the use of antibiotics

Raised without the use of added hormones like other ducks in Canada



Serve as is or pan seared for 3 minutes. Slice.