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Major fire at Brome Lake Ducks

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Saturday morning at 3h45, a major fire was declared at Brome Lake Ducks processing plant located in Knowlton. According to a preliminary evaluation, the building which includes the processing plant, the administration offices and the farm store are considered as being a total loss. At the time of the fire there were no employees in the affected building and it is also important to specify that there were also no live ducks.

The Company’s management team are presently working on an action plan that would minimise the impact on our employes and to ensure the flow of operations.

In the words of our president and CEO, there is no room for discouraging thoughts. We will concentrate all of our efforts to support our employes and maintain the business flow. Already, with the help of our business partners, several temporary solutions will enable us to respond quickly to our customers’ needs while maintaining the quality of our products.

The Brome Lake Ducks team thank you for your support!

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