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Quick and easy duck recipes for the lunchbox

Summer is drawing to a close. Classes are starting again, and everyday life is slowly going back to normal… Looking for new recipes to fill those lunchboxes? Take your pick of these gourmet tips that prove duck is a great idea for weekday meals. Your lunches are sure to be a hit!


Hearty soup

Nothing invigorates you at lunchtime like a piping hot soup! Any fans of Vietnamese pho in your family? Surprise them by replacing fondue beef with our duck for Chinese fondue! No need to brown the duck beforehand—the hot broth will do the job. Perfect for a Thermos!

View the recipe for Vietnamese-style duck pho soup



Forget boring old ham and cheese. Check out our stylish sandwich creations!

How about a duck sausage wrap? Once they’re cooked, our pepper and garlic (Toulouse style) duck sausages can also be eaten cold. You can double the recipe on a weeknight and use the leftovers for the next day’s lunches.

View the recipe for grilled duck sausage wraps

If you’d rather bite into a ciabatta or Kaiser bread at lunchtime, we’ve got you covered with this gourmet sandwich made with grilled and chopped boneless duck breast!

View the recipe for grilled duck breast sandwich with spicy fennel mayo



You can serve them in gravy, in soups, on kebabs, as appetizers… Meatballs are always in! Did you know we make lean ground duck meat specifically for rolling up into balls? Try reinventing Bolognese sauce using ground duck meatballs. Simply irresistible!

View the recipe for duck meatball Bolognese on vermicelli



The first things that come to mind when you think “stew” are probably beef, pork or chicken. But boneless duck breast, which is considered red meat, is delicious when simmered. It’s also a great source of iron. And since everyone knows stew only gets better when you reheat it, it’s perfect for packed lunches!

View the recipe for black beer duck stew



Green salads or pasta salads are extremely handy when you need to eat on the go or don’t have access to a microwave. If you’re looking to add protein to your salads, consider duck legs confit! It’s ready to eat and a lifesaver for quick meals!

View the recipe for duck confit, avocado and orange wedges salad

View the recipe for duck confit, apple and blue cheese fusilli salad

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