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How to smoke duck breasts yourself?

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Smoking is very popular these days. Not only does it give a unique flavour to your food, this technique, which used to help for food conservation in the past, also gives them a tender and chewy texture. Like fish, pork, chicken and beef, duck meat is ideal for smoking. Looking for a new dining experience? We suggest you smoke your duck breasts yourself!




Before smoking, here are a few tips to cook the juiciest and tastiest duck breasts.

  1. Remove excess fat if necessary.
  2. Grid the fat on the surface of the breasts with a knife to prevent the duck flesh from contracting during cooking.
  3. Brush each side of the breasts with your favourite dry marinade.



If you have a smokehouse

Simple! Preheat according to the manufacturer’s directions. When it reaches the temperature of 107 ° C (225 ° F), add the wood. Place your breasts on the grate of the smoker, fat up. Cook for about 1 hour 30 minutes, until the internal temperature of the breasts reaches 65 ° C (150 ° F).

IMPORTANT: as the cooking time may vary from one appliance to another, rely on the internal temperature of the meat to know if the meat is ready. To do this, you will need to use a probe thermometer. If you don’t have one, consider getting one as it is an essential working tool for smoking.



If don’t have a smokehouse

No problem! If you have propane or charcoal BBQ, all you need is a smoke box. This accessory is nothing more than a small stainless steel box with a perforated lid used to accommodate the (dry) wood chips that will be used for smoking. Once filled, the box must be placed on one of the burners of your BBQ. For the chips to produce perfect smoke, heat your grill to the maximum temperature for about ten minutes or until a little smoke begins to escape from the smoke box. At this time, place the breasts on the grill (fat up), close the BBQ lid, lower the temperature to 107 ° C (225 ° F) and allow the smoking to run its course. Check the internal temperature of your breasts using your probe thermometer and remove them from the grill when they have reached an internal temperature of 65 ° C (150 ° F).



Which wood should you use for duck?

The type of wood you choose to smoke your breasts will influence their taste. Here are a few that go perfectly with duck!

Since softwood species like pine, fir, spruce and cedar produce a lot of smoke and it could make you sick, it is not recommended to use it to smoke your breasts or any other food.



How to enjoy your smoked duck breasts?

  • As an aperitif, served warm and thinly sliced, to replace any deli in a cheese, nut and fruit platter (grapes, figs, dates, dried apricots, etc.).
  • In a salad with cantaloupe pieces or pears, with a slightly fruity vinaigrette.
  • In our delicious canapes!


For those who would like to taste smoked duck breasts without having to cook them, we offer them in a ready to serve version! Over here to learn more!

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