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Have a snunch with Brome Lake Ducks

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Part snack, part lunch, snunch is the hottest new culinary trend. And mini meals aren’t just for busy workers and people who live alone—anyone who feels like lots of little snacks beat a big, sit-down meal can get in on the fun!

Snunches should be really satisfying, balanced and easy to prepare. They’re great for people who prefer to nibble throughout the day rather than eat the traditional three big meals. They can also be a hassle-free way to fit a (very) little cooking into our hectic schedules. Most snunches call for assembling various ingredients without much actual prep, making it easy to spin leftovers into brand-new concoctions.


Three cheers for vitamins!

Fresh fruits and veggies are chock-full of vitamins and help make you feel full after eating, so they’re perfect for balanced snunches! Grab last night’s leftover duck, spring mix lettuce and some shredded carrots and throw together a garden salad with shredded duck [›››], prepare flavourful bites [›››] or reheat leftover rice and top with your favourite vegetables and a little duck confit for the best poke bowl [›››] you’ve ever tasted!


Small plates that pack a big protein punch

Since snunch takes snacks and kicks them up a notch, there needs to be plenty of protein in each serving. Duck is high in monounsaturated fat, which plays an important role in preventing heart disease and lowering bad cholesterol in the blood, making it a healthy source of protein [›››]. And that’s just one of the many reasons to choose duck for your favourite mini-meals, from stuffed baguette bites [›››] to crispy fritters [›››] to decadent truffle skewers [›››]. Snunch big or go home, as we say around here!


Don’t forget the whole grains

Snunches have to give you enough energy to keep you going until your next snack or meal. Piece of cake! You can whip up some gourmet toast in two shakes of a duck’s tail [›››] and add whatever toppings suit your fancy, or go for a quinoa salad [›››] or panzanella [›››] —all fantastic ways to fill up on whole grains while using up leftovers and reducing food waste [›››].


Check out the recipes section of our website regularly for more year‑round snunch ideas!

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