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Everything You Need for a Great Summer Night

canard soirée été

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The nice weather is finally back and we want to make to most of it! There’s nothing better than a dinner out on a terrace to make a fun evening last longer. At Brome Lake Ducks, we’re full of festive and gourmet ideas to stretch out the nice summer days!


Cocktail Hour

Fri-yay! The best way to begin a sunny weekend is to gather on a terrace for a well-deserved happy hour! Tapas [›››] are perfect to enjoy with your favourite cocktail! Duck confit tostada bites [›››], stuffed rollups [›››], garnished crispbread [›››], croquettes [›››], the list goes on! You can never go wrong with duck!


Barbecue Party!

Summer evenings mean dinner on the barbecue! When it comes to grilling, we have something for everyone. Swap the classic steak for a grilled duck bavette [›››] with quick cilantro and papaya salsa or switch from BBQ chicken to a spatchcock duck with smoky whiskey BBQ sauce [›››], a delight for your tastebuds! Are you more of a burger person? Try our divine duck burgers with double-cream brie and cranberry dijonnaise [›››] – they are always a hit!


Heat Wave Menu

Barbecuing is nice and all, but what do we do if even turning the barbecue on becomes too much? Don’t worry! Pulled duck, sprouts, and roasted chickpea salad [›››], a duck breast and asparagus salad, raspberry vinaigrette [›››] or a Greek salad with balsamic duck breast [›››] are all tasty options that are ready in no time!


Sharing Is Caring
For us, sharing meals is always a good idea when you want to fully enjoy a night without worrying about dishes. Whether it’s shredded duck Tex-Mex tacos [›››], a platter of duck sausage skewers [›››] or duck nachos [›››] with a lot of cheese, duck meat is your best friend when making tasty meals your guests will love.


From our seasoned sausages to our shredded duck confit, Brome Lake Ducks are delicious and easy to cook. We have everything you need to enjoy every second of this summer! For even more ideas to cook our duck, look up our recipe [›››] directory.


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