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Duck: the perfect autumn comfort food

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Spiced lattes, apples in every dessert, rich and savoury stews: fall is the prime season for warm and hearty meals. And nothing says comfort food like the inviting aroma of duck, the perfect choice once the temperature is getting cold. From festive feasts to simple weeknight dinners, there are so many ways to add duck to your autumnal menus!


Slow-cooked duck

There’s nothing better than arriving home to the scent of a dinner that’s been simmering away for hours. After a long day outside under the snow, we love to sit right down to a warm and hearty meal without spending hours in the kitchen. This year, branch out from your usual stews and soups and try a delicious piece of duck in your slow cooker. Duck legs, breasts and even whole duck lend themselves beautifully to this slow cooking style, which allows the meat to develop rich aromas and incredible tenderness. Cassoulet, braised duck, duck à l’orange… Let your imagination guide you. The possibilities are endless!

› Slow Cooker Coq-au-vin Style Duck [›››]
› Crockpot duck on a bed of mashed sweet potato with horseradish [›››]


Classics, revisited

From shepherd’s pie to nachos, there are some comfort food classics we can never resist! Duck is considered both poultry and red meat, which only multiplies the possibilities for preparing it—you can use it to replace beef or chicken in your favourite recipes. Try using confit duck for a delicious vol-au-vent or a cassoulet brimming with autumnal flavours. Love Asian-inspired noodle dishes? Top your Chinese macaroni with boneless duck breast and transport your taste buds! Swap out pulled pork for shredded duck confit to take your burgers or grilled cheeses to a whole new level of decadence.


Duck roast

Our boneless duck breast roast with herbs is incredibly tender and flavourful. Duck breasts are carefully trussed and barded and then delicately seasoned with herbs. You can take this roast straight from the freezer to the oven, no need to defrost first, making it the perfect choice for a quick meal with no compromise on flavour. Enjoy it with roasted vegetables, mashed potatoes or a creamy risotto.


Duck sausages

Hosting friends? Start things off with a cheese and charcuterie platter featuring slices of delicious duck sausage. Sundried tomatoes and garlic, cranberry orange, pepper and garlic (Toulouse style) or Italian: there’s no shortage of options! These juicy and flavourful sausages are perfect for autumnal feasts and holiday gatherings!

› Duck Sausage and Tapenade Toast [›››]
› Duck Sausage Hors-D’œuvres [›››]

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