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Duck on the grill: ideas to change things up!

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For your next backyard barbecue, ditch your routine and replace beef, pork or chicken with duck! With a taste that’s both subtle and savory, this meat is easy to prepare. Sausages, breasts, tenderloin, chops and more—here are some great ideas for grilling different cuts of Brome Lake Duck to really wow your guests!

Duck sausage

Simply preheat your barbecue to medium, cook for about 10 minutes, and you’ll be enjoying a delicious meal of one of our four types of duck sausage—choose from sun‑dried tomatoes and garlic, cranberry orange, pepper and garlic (Toulouse style) and Italian! Our sausages are fully cooked, so there’s no need to poke them with a fork or boil them before grilling! Here are some gourmet ideas to get you cooking!

Duck recipe

Duck breast

Cooking a boneless duck breast on the grill is just as easy as cooking a chicken breast: cook for 12 minutes or so (over direct or indirect heat), and you’re golden! Place a small drip pan or aluminum container directly under the grill where you’ll be cooking the duck to collect the fat and avoid flare-ups. Remember that duck breast is best served pink, or at an internal temperature of 65°C (150°F). For a ready-to-cook version, our Dijon mustard & honey seasoned boneless duck breast is a good option.

Suggested addition: Psst! Use duck breast cubes to make finger-licking-delicious skewers!

Duck breast chops

(exclusively in our store)

Love grilled pork chops? Wait till you taste our duck chops! A nicely fragrant seasoning, a few minutes of cooking per side, and you’ve got duck chops ready in a flash. Here’s a recipe to inspire you:

Duck legs

After precooking the legs, you can slather them with sauce and grill them on the barbecue. That’ll give them a nice crispy skin that is sure to be a hit.

Ground duck meat

For your burger patties, check out our ground duck meat—a pure delight! A range of toppings will make this burger shine. Here’s one idea:

Raw duck wing drummettes

(exclusively in our store)

Duck wing drummettes taste best when slow-cooked. That’s why you’re better off boiling and then cooking them in the oven before finishing them off on the barbecue. One bite of these honey garlic drummettes will have you convinced:

Duck legs confit

Duck legs confit are among our ready-to-heat options and are perfect for adding a little something special to a ton of grill-worthy recipes (quesadillas, paninis, etc.). Have you ever tried pizza on the barbecue? Here’s a delicious duck pizza recipe to try:

Duck tenderloin

(exclusively in our store)

Try them on skewers or as grilled duck bundles to tickle your guests’ fancy. The beauty of this cut of meat is that it’s thin and takes very little time to cook.

For more barbecue recipes featuring Lake Brome Duck, check out our site:

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