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Duck days

canard du lac brome

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Like chicken or pork, duck can be an everyday meat. Given the variety of ways it can be prepared, snub the routine and create a deliciously diverse menu!



Flavour explosion

Not only easy to cook, duck’s incomparable taste makes it a poultry worth discovering. Available in different cuts (breasts, fillets, chops, thighs, sausages, etc.), it’s a logical choice if you’re looking to change up the classics like chicken, pork et al. From lunch to dinner, with family or friends, lunch at the office or Sunday brunch – duck is appropriate for any occasion!


Express eats

Ready to heat options are always welcome! Who doesn’t want to save time in the kitchen?

For example, our precooked duck sausages come in four varieties (sun-dried tomatoes and garlic, cranberry orange, pepper and garlic (Toulouse style) and Italian). Simply grill for about 10 minutes directly in the pan or on the barbecue over medium heat, and voilà! The sausages can then be eaten whole as a hot dog or cut into pieces in a host of recipes such as pizza, chili, rice pilaf or in this pasta salad with duck sausage and grilled cauliflower.


Feel like skewers or a stir-fry? Our boneless duck breast, whole or cubed, lends itself very well to these two types of dishes. Ready in just 12 minutes, the duck breast can also be roasted or braised, and works very well in several quick dishes. Practice on weekdays! Psst… there is a honey and Dijon mustard version.

sauté de canard

Love pork chops? Swap pork for duck chops! Ready in just six minutes in the pan, oven or on the barbecue, they’ll add a deliciously fresh taste to your express meals!

Kids starving when they get home from school? Is it game night, and you’re hosting? Think duck legs confit! Dazzle the taste buds of your family or guests with a quick and easy pizza with shredded duck confit on naan bread or crispy mini-tacos! Reheat in a very hot oven for 15 minutes. Duck legs confit can be enjoyed whole as a main dish with seasonal vegetables or a simple side salad.

mini tacos de canard



Having people over?

Instead of serving your famous roast chicken, make roast duck instead! Serve our whole duck seasoned with a dry spice rub or with a grapefruit caramel glaze: delicious!

canard aux agrumes

Duck legs are also a good solution for group meals as they can be prepared ahead of time. Ideal in a stew or braised. Plan for approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes of cooking.

cuisses braisées

At brunch, lean ground duck meat can be used for an interesting twist on classics such as tourtière, meatloaf or meat balls. Substitute it for beef in shepherd’s pie, bolognaise sauce, hamburgers or an unusual poutine.


For a no-fuss meal, look no further than plain duck wing drummettes, and slather on your favourite sauce. An excellent substitute for ribs. With a cooking time of approximately 2.5 to 3 hours, it’s the perfect solution that will give you time to enjoy a deliciously long aperitif with your guests!

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