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Duck burgers: The star of your next barbecue!

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There’s nothing better than bringing the whole gang together and throwing some delicious burgers on the grill. But did you know that various cuts of duck also make fantastic burgers? Here are some super simple ideas for duck burgers that are guaranteed to wow your guests!


The burger bar is open!
There are so many ways to build a duck burger that it’s hard to choose just one! But there’s a solution to this delicious problem: let your guests decide for themselves by setting up a burger bar with a whole array of delectable options!


Ground duck meat
Love classic beef, pork or veal patties? Why not change it up and make burgers with lean ground duck meat? A combination of duck breast and duck fat, lean ground duck meat makes for hearty, tender and juicy burgers. Just add a beaten egg, some green onion and garlic, your favourite spices, and even some breadcrumbs if you like. Once you’ve shaped your patties, go ahead and fry them in duck fat. For something a little extra special, stuff the patties with a small cube of cheese that will melt as you cook them. Emmenthal, sharp Cheddar and Gouda are all excellent options. Hot tip: a mini version makes for delicious duck sliders too!

› Mango and goat cheese duck burger [›››]
› Duck tchatchouka sliders, with crumbled goat cheese and seasonal sprouts [›››]


Shredded duck confit
Shredded meat has been trending for a few years now, and shredded duck meat is a worthy competitor! Our fully cooked shredded duck confit contains duck, rendered duck fat and salt—that’s it! To make burgers, simply remove the meat from its sous vide packaging and brown it in a frying pan (without adding fat) for 3 to 4 minutes, then transfer to a serving dish. Each guest can then top their burger with as much shredded duck confit as they like!


Sliced duck breast
For yet another delicious burger option, simply grill and slice our boneless duck breast —it couldn’t be easier! Go au naturel with the plain boneless duck breast, or mix it up with seasoned versions like citrus and pepper, or even Dijon mustard and honey. You can also make your own marinades with Asian, Greek or maple flavours. Let your imagination fly! You could even swap out the burger bun for ciabatta bread.

› Divine duck burgers with double-cream brie and cranberry dijonnaise [›››]
› Cooking plain boneless duck breast on the grill (French version) [›››]


Duck sausages
When cut lengthwise or in slices, duck sausages can make for a unique twist on the classic burger. Simply cook the sausages over medium heat for about 10 minutes, turning them a few times. Try out all our flavours, from sundried tomatoes and garlic to cranberry orange, Italian, and Toulouse-style pepper and garlic.


Fresh new condiments
Whether you go for ground duck, shredded duck, sliced duck breast or duck sausages, some extra special condiments will really take your burgers that extra mile. Try caramelized onions, avocado spread, flavoured mayonnaises (honey, herb, smoked paprika, port, etc.), roasted red peppers or cider and apple duck rillettes in a jar! These unique toppings are easy to prepare and give your burgers the perfect finishing touch!

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