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Whole duck, three ways

canard entier

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Fruitlessly searching for an ingredient that’s affordable, versatile, delicious and easy to make, all in one? It’s whole duck to the rescue! Don’t believe us? We’ll prove it. Read on for three completely different ways to prepare this stunning ingredient.


Drool‑worthy stuffed duck

If your family often has stuffed turkey at holiday get‑togethers, you’ll really knock their socks off when you serve them whole stuffed duck instead! Juicy duck meat pairs wonderfully with the notes of citrus and cranberry [›››] in classic Christmas recipes. Duck’s rich aromas are also the perfect complement to Portuguese [›››] ­‑influenced stuffing with mushrooms, chorizo and figs. And if you’re really feeling adventurous, try our duck with honey lavender glaze, stuffed with Calvados‑flambéed apples [›››].  We’re drooling just thinking about it!


The possibilities are endless

Two legs, two breasts and two wings—the costs can really add up. However, if you buy poultry whole instead of opting for separate cuts, you get a lot more bang for your buck! Try roasting whole duck with exotic spices [›››] or stewing it with tomatoes and Gremolata with orange and herbs [›››] . The result is a tasty meal where everyone gets to eat their favourite cut. Even if you only need breasts or thighs for a specific recipe, you can still save money by buying whole duck, carving it and dividing the different parts of the duck between a number of recipes. With just one duck, you can enjoy a Cobb salad one night and faijtas the next [›››]. Clever, right?


The unsung hero of barbecue

Just about anyone can throw a chicken on the barbie, but how about a whole duck? Duck is the perfect size for beer-can recipes [›››] and can’t be beat when it comes to taste. Use your grilled duck meat to create some delicious tacos [›››] if you’re in the mood for Mexican, or spatchcock [›››] your duck if you’re feeling fearless—paired with whisky BBQ sauce, it’s a guaranteed winner. So be a bold, duck‑grilling iconoclast! Your friends are bound to be impressed.


Whole duck is an incredible ingredient that offers so many different possibilities. Check out the recipe [›››] section of our website for ideas—you’ll never be bored when cooking again!

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