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Home-cooked duck, the breakfast of champions!

déjeuner de canard

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It’s hard to say when we’ll have a chance to get together for brunch with the gang again. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make your favourite breakfast at home! Our Brome Lake Ducks are incredibly tender and flavourful, your best bet for bringing big brunch vibes to the kitchen.


The smart choice for early (or late) risers

Duck is rich in iron, riboflavin and niacin and has 18 g of protein per 100 g serving, making it a great source of energy and nutrition for when you’ve just got out of bed. When compared to a same-sized cut of beef, duck contains half as many calories. It’s the perfect way to start the day off fresh!


Homemade brunch

Craving your “regular”: two eggs over-easy bacon and sausage? Get out the skillet and fry up some slices of duck bacon and your favourite duck sausages, put on some toast, and cook your eggs just how you like them! Don’t forget the breakfast potatoes: if you really want to treat yourself, try sautéing them in rendered duck fat!


Eggs Bennie to die for

If you’re more of a Eggs Bene-addict, our version with shredded duck confit is sure to make you swoon! Caramelize some onions and mushrooms, place them on half of a toasted English muffin and cover with cheese. Add however much confit you want and finish with a poached egg. Top with Hollandaise sauce and you’re on your way to seventh heaven!


Fancy omelettes and breakfast casseroles

How could we fail to mention French omelettes and breakfast casseroles, both delicious and easy to make! They’re the ultimate comfort food, as well as the perfect way to use up anything you’ve got on hand. Improvise with what’s in your fridge, or follow this magic recipe for success: take leftover duck breast or leg, some roasted veggies, a melting cheese, aromatics for flavour, and abracadabra, you’ve got one heck of a meal!


Countless options on the go

Duck is great for a fun brunch, but it’s also perfect for a quick bite on the run. Rillettes are a wonderful alternative to cretons on toast, and shredded duck confit makes for a great easy grilled cheese, wrap to go or breakfast sandwich. There’s no better way to start your day on a busy morning!

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