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Glamping with Brome Lake Duck

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Feeling less than inspired by a weekend menu of hot dogs, ramen and pasta salad? If you’re like us, eating well is a priority, even in the great outdoors. So check out these delicious ideas for turning your camping trip into a real culinary adventure!


Burgers bursting with flavour

Burgers are an ideal camping food—the possibilities for toppings are endless, and no plate is required! Change things up by swapping your usual beef patties for duck burgers, and then really kick the flavours up a notch with goat cheese and mango slices [›››]. If you like a little heat, try our spicy piri-piri style duck patties [›››], or replace ground meat with duck confit topped with Roquefort and hot pepper jelly [›››]. We’re a long way from the classic ketchup and mustard!


Cool eats to beat the heat

When a heat wave is in full swing and the temperatures don’t drop till late at night, the last thing you want to do is fire up the barbecue! This is where duck confit comes in: use it in recipes that don’t require cooking, like these fresh cups with grapefruit [›››], savoury toast with peaches [›››], or delicious little endive [›››] or cucumber [›››] boats. Take full advantage of the season to enjoy fresh local fruits and vegetables—there’s nothing better!


Campfire cooking

Cooking over a campfire doesn’t start and end with marshmallows! All you need is a well-oiled grill, a cast iron skillet and metal skewers, and a roaring wood fire. Once your fire has burned down to some nice glowing coals, you can set up your grill and cook your favourite duck sausages to enjoy as a hot duck [›››] or with a side of seared salsa [›››]. You can even grill a whole duck this way! Cook it spatchcock-style [›››] for juicy, smoked meat that you can also use the next day for easy gourmet sandwiches.


Brome Lake Duck is versatile and easy to cook, making it perfect for fancy but fuss-free eating, even on a camping trip. With these simple and delicious recipe ideas, you’ll be well on your way to a summer of adventure! And if you’re ever in the Brome Lake area, drop by and see us! A visit to our Knowlton boutique [›››] is a must for stocking up on fresh and tasty products to add even more glam to your glamping trip.

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