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Game Night Feast!

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In February, the whole world (or at least North America!) goes into football mode for the much-anticipated Super Bowl!

Whether you’re a sports fan or not, the event is the perfect excuse to get together with friends over some delicious, simple food. Don’t be shy, hop on the football train!

The Super Bowl is the ideal event for entertaining without a fuss. The number one rule: only serve finger foods! No need to whip out the cutlery; the goal is to nibble on snacks all evening long while paying attention to the game… or not! For a successful game night, you also need to present a nice variety of dishes to please everyone and multiply the fun. Take a look at these ideas to create a duck-filled menu, perfect for celebrating! Psst! This type of meal is also great for watching a hockey or basketball game, or even a gala in good company!


Puff Pastry Rolls with Pulled Duck, Caramelized Onions and Brie [››]

Bring a touch of refinement to your sports night with these elegant puff pastry rolls. Just because we’re eating in front of the TV doesn’t mean we have to settle for bland greasy food!


Duck Confit Tostada Bites [›››]

Made with our convenient confit duck legs [›››] , these Mexican-inspired bites are sure to delight fans of spicy notes. Simple to make, they’re a great way to reinvent the classic nachos, ever popular during game nights.


Air Fryer Duck Doughnuts [›››]

Deep-frying and Super Bowl are a match made in heaven! However, you don’t have to drown your food in a pool of scalding oil to enjoy a delicious treat. These air-fried duck doughnuts are a delicious, healthier option to replace your favourite appetizers.


Duck Bacon Bites Two Ways [›››]

For a surefire hit, you must serve appetizers made with bacon! Now’s the perfect time to discover our intriguing duck bacon [›››], which harmonizes perfectly with this mouthwatering duo!


Fruity Duck Tapas Duo [›››]

Add a little freshness to your menu with these fruity tapas. They’re perfect for those who prefer sweet and salty notes!

To make things easier for you, don’t hesitate to include ready-to-serve products along with your home-cooked dishes. These duck wing drumettes, for example, are just the thing to spice up your evening. Available in two flavours, honey and garlic [›››] or Memphis BBQ [›››], they’ll be the star of the show!

So, are you ready for the kickoff?

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