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Back to School made simpler with Lake Brome Ducks

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Summer is coming to an end, so we’re back to our regular programming. Although, it doesn’t have to get boring! We have tons of recipes for you to try out to spice up your day-to-day.


Snacks that taste like home

Duck is the protein-packed snacks’ best friend. Some of our recipes, like the duck confit in cucumber boats [›››], the duck bacon bites [›››] or the fruity duck tapas [›››] are not only perfect as delicious happy hour treats for your guests, but also for any snacking occasion at recess or at work. Pop them in a tightly sealed container, into your lunchbox, and you got yourself an amazing “snunch” [›››] to go!


Lunch with a dash of fun

Whether you are looking to prepare your child’s lunchbox [›››] or your own, duck will unlock a world of possibilities for you. Have your pick at our picturesque lunch recipes, from old-time classics, like a well-dressed warm salad [›››], a melty grilled cheese [›››] with your favourite cheese or a smoked meat sandwich [›››] done the local way, to recipes inspired from around the globe, like steamy tacos [›››], a Mediterranean-style hot dog [›››] or a hearty miso soup [›››]!


Dinners for winners

Summer nights [›››] may be behind us, but quick and delicious meals aren’t. This season, leave the grill out and get cooking! Now is your chance to try out our recipes to throw on the grill, like gourmet burgers or beautifully [›››] grilled flank steaks [›››].


Breast, thigh, whole duck or in sausage form, the Brome Lake Ducks offer you a meat that is easy to cook and incorporate into a million different recipes. This protein is without the doubt a crowd favourite when it comes to preparing flavourful meals in a jiff, which comes useful amidst the craze of back to school season.

For more ideas of easy and fabulous recipes, check out the “Our recipes” [›››] section.

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