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A 100% local holiday dinner

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The holiday season means family gatherings, dinners with friends and festive evening get-togethers over delicious food and sparkling conversation. And since nothing is more comforting than feeling at home, we’ve got a little something for you: a full menu that showcases the best of our local terroir, inspired by the flavours of our beautiful Eastern Townships. Because know-how and local pride are two more great things to celebrate!


Festive nibbles

Let the evening begin! Who doesn’t love being welcomed with a fizzing flute of bubbly? With its delicate notes of red berries and grapefruit, Domaine du Ridge’s sparkling rosé Berthelot-Paradis has all the effervescent charm your celebration needs to get off to a great start. Pair it with an irresistible appetizer of seared duck breast with figs and honey lavender drizzle [›››] for a match made in holiday-gathering heaven!

Try these little “boats” of duck confit and endives in a cranberry maple syrup vinaigrette [›››], and capture the delicate flavours of Quebec cuisine in the perfect finger food. Crunchy and lightly sweet, they go marvellously with an India Pale Ale like La Knowlton Co. microbrewery’s IPA de la Côte Ouest, or with the fruity and mineral aromas of Domaine les Brome’s Riesling Réserve.

Chicken tender fans will jump for joy at these decadent crispy duck breast fritters [›››], with their glorious balance of textures and flavours in each bite-sized cube! They may be at their best when paired with a glass of Léon Courville’s single-variety Cuvée Vidal, but on the other hand, they’re just as fantastic with a creamy red beer like the Edgar Hyperlodge microbrewery’s L’Autre Sorte.


Let’s get things started

Everyone’s here—it’s time to sit down to dinner! Whet your appetites with succulent duck confit and mango phyllo rolls [›››] and a glass of Domaine les Brome’s Réserve XP, a supple red with woody and fruity aromas. More of a beer afficionado? A light and airy brown ale, like La Knowlton Co.’s Porter Anglaise, is a perfect match!

Feel like some finger food? These duck tchatchouka sliders, with crumbled goat cheese and seasonal sprouts [›››], won’t disappoint! Tender meat and melting cheese combine in a flavour explosion that perfectly brings out the floral and vegetal notes of L’Orpailleur white wine. We definitely recommend serving them together!

If you want a lighter appetizer, go for a duck confit and dill cucumber salad [›››]. The fresh and creamy vinaigrette and the crunch of the cucumber make for a delicious contrast of tastes and textures that your taste buds will love. The floral and vegetal notes of Domaine du Ridge’s Vent d’Ouest or a wheat beer like Edgar Hyperlodge’s Brassée de Blanc both provide a perfect complement for this zesty salad.


The pièce de résistance

The traditional Christmas turkey is old news by now, so why not let your guests feast on duck for a change? Try this recipe for clementine and cranberry-stuffed duck in maple gin sauce [›››] . Go for a fruity gin, like Gin de Neige to boost the sweetness of those tart cranberries and clementines. Serve it with Cuvée Julien, a supple and fruity red wine from Domaine Les Brome, with vegetal aromas that pair to perfection with the herbs in the duck’s stuffing.

For a not-quite-traditional Christmas dinner, mushroom-stuffed duck breast [›››] will delight everyone at the table. Got some extra time for cooking? Braised duck breast with cranberries [›››] will fill your house with a mouth-watering aroma, not to mention satisfying the whole family at dinnertime. How about something to drink? With its supple tannins and woody, gently smoky aromas, the Côte d’Ardoise red from the Côtes d’Ardoise vineyard is an ideal match for these rich and satisfying dishes.

Savour the end of the evening by sipping some maple cream Coureur des Bois. In piping hot coffee or just served over ice, it’s the perfect way to end a gathering… or to linger on into the wee hours!

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