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5 things you never knew about ducks

5 faits sur le canard

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People have always been captivated and impressed by the majestic birds we know as ducks. Think you know everything about them? Get ready to learn some surprising new info!

1. Peking Duck… from Quebec!
Despite what one might assume, our ducks and duck products aren’t from the same wild species that you see migrating south at the first cold snap. They’re actually Peking ducks, a cream-white-feathered species originally from China, chosen for how tender and tasty their meat is and for how many eggs they produce. These aren’t “made in China” ducks, though—our products are 100% made in Quebec and are even “Aliments du Québec” certified!


2. A red meat 
While duck is technically poultry like turkey and chicken, its meat is red. However, duck meat has different textures and shades of red depending on which part of the animal it comes from. Duck wings and thighs are well-suited to slow cooking over long periods of time using roasting, braising or confit techniques. The breast has a texture closer to that of beef or wild game, and should be served rare, like a classic steak. Duck breast also contains almost as much iron as conventional red meat: 100 g of boneless duck breast has 20% of your recommended daily iron.


3. Accurate expressions
There’s an expression in French—froid de canard—that means that when it’s truly cold out it’s a “duck cold.” This refers to wild duck hunting, which would take place at the start of the cold season, and required hunters to keep still for hours on end. The expression “like water off a duck’s back” refers to the fact that some types of duck have water-repellent feathers.


4. Fries cooked in duck fat taste heavenly!
Did you know that our duck fat has everyday kitchen uses, and that its nutritional properties are closer to that of olive oil than to those of other animal fats? It also has a higher smoke point than olive oil and butter, meaning our rendered duck fat is perfect for cooking french fries! Lightly coat your matchstick or wedge fries in duck fat, and then place them on a baking sheet in a 190°C (375°F) oven for 25 to 30 minutes, or until a lovely golden brown. We guarantee that you’ll take to these fries like a duck to water!


5. Peking duck celebrities
With their stylish white down and their cool yellow beaks, it’s no surprise that Peking ducks have inspired some world-famous animated characters. Just look at Disney star Donald Duck and Clan McDuck, who were based on real Peking ducks. Awesome!

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