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1- A healthy protein

  • Excellent nutritional values, per 100g serving (skinless):
    • 18 g of protein
    • Only 0.4 g of saturated fat
    • Only 90 kcal
  • Good source of iron and source of fatty acids

duck breast

poitrine de canard

2- Very tender and tasty

For more than a century, the owners of Brome Lake Ducks have continued to refine their knowledge and breeding techniques to create the best possible living conditions for the ducks. Particular care is taken with the feed. Brome Lake Ducks gives the birds only feed made from grains and soya, enriched with vitamins and minerals. It’s a natural mixture, free of antibiotics, tailor-made to the ducks’ needs and designed to produce tender, tasty meat.

3- Versatile meat

Our duck breast suits all cuisines and all types of cooking; grilled, fried, roasted, confit, …

poitrine de canard

4- Easy to prepare

(Video available in French only)

5- No hormones or antibiotics

Our duck breast comes from a Pekin duck bred for its meat, naturally fed under exemplary conditions with a healthy diet without hormones or antibiotics.

poitrine de canard

Did you know?

Magret is the name reserved for the breast of a duck that has been force-fed to produce a fatty liver (foie gras). Brome Lake ducks are naturally fed; their duck breast meat is lighter in color, leaner but less dense. It is also smaller and weighs on average 225 g compared to 375 g for the magret. Whereas magrets are best when served rare to medium rare, Brome Lake duck breasts are more forgiving since their meat stays moist even when cooked medium.